Terephthalic acid

Terephthalic acid

Shanshan Resources Group is located is Ningbo, China. We are a top rank manufacturer and trading company. Mainly engaged in energy and chemical raw materials, non-ferrous/ferrous metals, agricultural products, oil products, coal and other bulk commodities, the scale of trade in the industry in a leading position.
Terephthalic acid, being widely used in chemical fibers, light industry, electronics, construction and all aspects of the civil economy, PTA is one of the important bulk organic raw materials..

Product Details
Terephthalic acid is mainly used in the production of polyester products, including polyethylene terphthalate (PET), follows reaction with glycol, reagent for alkali in wool and an additive to poultry feeds.

Name Purified Terephthalic Acid(PTA) Alias p-Phthalic acid
CAS NO. 100-21-0 Chemical Formula C8H6O4
EINECS 202-830-0 HS CODE 291736
Appearance powder Color White

Acidity(Mg of KOH/gm) 675±2
Purity 99%
Moisture (wt %) 0.2 max
Ashes (ppm) 7 max
4 Carboxybenzaldehyde(ppm) 20 max
Color (APHA) 10 max
Iron (ppm) 0.5 max
Para Toluic Acid (ppm) 120 max
Total metals Fe, Mn, Co, Cr, Ni, Mo, Ti (ppm) 2 max
ΔY 10 max
b-Color 1.5 max


Packing and shipment

All major packing and shipping style for Terephthalic acid is available for us, such as flexible freight bag, drum, 20kg pack, and sea bulk. Container vessel and dry bulk carrier is both operational.


Our Terephthalic acid price offer is flexible and competitive, fixed price or floating price such as PX link price, daily average price are both available for us, and updated daily base. For further information, please kindly inquire.

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